Here at Simon + Simon all of our clothing is made with an Athletic Fit.
No, that doesn’t mean you need to be an Olympian to wear Simon + Simon.
Our Athletic fit means that we make our clothing with just enough stretch so you can move how you would during your day, comfortably. 

Being comfortable in what you wear means enjoying your wardrobe again.

 Want to wear that shirt to dinner but know it would be too restricting after finishing your meal? Our shirts allow you to pick any shirt to suit the occasion knowing that there’s even room for dessert. 

With Athletic fit you wear multiple layers when it’s cold under your jacket and still be able to manoeuvre your coffee to your lips with ease. 

We give you a bit a bit more room around your shoulders, chest and arms so you can feel limitless.
This doesn’t mean we will compromise on style, our clothing is still perfectly tapered to give you the best looking fit.



 Introducing the garment that truly embodies what our athletic fit is all about, here is our Jersey Blazer.
Our Jersey Blazer is soft to touch, enough stretch to layer up, lightweight enough to wear in the summer,
feels incredibly comfortable and can be worn with the majority of our collection.

You may have worn your blazer only with jeans or a shirt, we say, why not wear our Jersey Blazer with jogger shorts.
That’s right our jersey is so soft and full of stretch you would have thought you wearing our track gear all day.

Picture this, your on holiday in Cannes or Majorca and the sun sets ready to dine.
What better way to make a statement than having your smart look blazer seamlessly integrate with your evening comfort jogger short.
Perfect for style, perfect for comfort and perfect for versatility.

 Intrigued by how else you can implement you Jersey Blazer into your wardrobe? 

Here are 3 of our Best Jersey Blazer Outfits* that will make you think, why have I never tried this?


outfit one
outfit two
outfit three

Spend Less + Live More today with Simon + Simon


*Available in Black or Navy